What is my wealthy affiliate for or about?

“To be or not to be” was once the question, the question today is;

What is my Wealthy Affiliate for or about? This review lays the hard facts on the table, you decide if Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is what you are looking for. Look around, you will find WA is the only training site with site-wide access free of charge for a week to see if it fits you.

Yes, access to every corner of the actual community for a full week for $0.00 dollars, not an outdated demo program. You don’t even need to show a credit card number, you get in using an email address and password.

That’s right, 7 glorious days to peek into every corner and look under every rock. You can even send a “DM” direct message to me for help or chat with one of the owners of the platform.

You can go anywhere on the platform I can go, do anything I can do, and chat or DM anyone I can for a full 7 days. You don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself. So without any further ado let’s get rolling.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Starter Membership: $0
Premium Membership: $49/month OR $495/year
Premium+ Membership: $99/month OR $995/Year
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – GURU.

What is my wealthy affiliate for or about, an Introduction;

The reviewer holds a long-time insider’s view of Wealthy Affiliate, he is in fact a Premium Plus member. Before you call bias. Understand this review is giving solid inside information only an insider can get. Others get their info from 2nd hand sources and then spin it to make their program look better.

Let us start with some balance.

The less than flattering “honest” Wealthy Affiliate review below is a good example;

Dreamgrow.com is a good example, they feature an 11K word review based on a self-admitted 5 days of research. The reviewer is promoting a program described as having “over 24 hours” of training. His program currently costs $797.00, a $200.00 discount from the regular $997.00.

The training most likely is legitimate as the author is Matt Diggity. A well thought of Affiliate Marketing “GURU” as they say.

The big difference?

An entire year’s worth of WA Premium level training costs only $495.00 per year or $49 per month. This includes eight hours a day seven days per week of training on different topics.

If you need to have a big discount start out on the $49 monthly. Then when “Black Friday” gets here at the end of November upgrade at the discounted rate. This is always a huge discount off the annual rate on a Wealthy Affiliate annual membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is not the only program I have experience with. All the others could help anyone self-motivated enough to take their training and run with it.

But, if you catch a snag your help options are far less. All that said; WA is the one program with many sources of help.

Help is available 24/7/365, like the old British Empire, the sun never sets on the WA community. We are there when you need us, all day every day.

What lies ahead; come and see for yourself…

The video below was produced by “Batman” (Eric Cantu) a fellow WA member. He has allowed me to imbed it here for those who would rather see a video review. Ya’ll come back now, ya here!

What is my wealthy affiliate for or about?

A community affiliate marketing training program helping people like you since 2005. There are over a million active members in our community. Even the owners, Kyle and Carson, are active daily to help anyone who asks.

Other programs exist but, few have been around as long. I have not found any with over a million members coming from over a hundred countries all ready to help anyone. Others run everyone through the course then ready for the next crowd.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of affiliate marketing training.

Still, wondering what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

I offer the following;

As you can see in the graphic there are only four steps. You must choose a niche, build a website, attract visitors, then last but far from least make money. Each of these steps are first broken down into “baby steps” an absolute newbie can grasp, anyone with some knowledge can run right through them.

If you can type out an email and run around Facebook or Twitter you have the skills to be an affiliate marketer. If you found Wealthy Affiliate on your own you have the needed skills.

If you can butter toast you can do this!

Neil Patel explains how affiliate marketing works in less than five minutes. Pay special attention around the 1:17 mark where Neil states how you should choose your niche on what you love.

Whatever Your Skill Level, WA Makes Sense!

Having put up with me this far you must like something. Our specialty is showing you how to build an online business from the foundation up. You are not left there either. In fact, you are never alone unless that is a choice you have made on your own.

If you join WA from a link in this review I will be your personal mentor. If you find yourself stuck anywhere in the training private message me and I will answer.

Wealthy Affiliate; the Good and the Bad…

The Good:

  1. All the way live; everything is open 24 hours a day!
  2. However, you like to learn WA has that type of training…
  3. “Live Help” is available 24/7/365, the sun never sets on WA.

The Bad:

  1. Sometimes there are so many choices it is hard to choose…
  2. Just like in life, sometimes you meet someone you cannot stand…

Yes, your new online community will be like your other online communities. They all have at least one person who tries too hard to be “everybody’s friend.”

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Most affiliate marketing training is for the newbie. WA has something for everyone. We have things to offer said newb all the way up to the so-called Guru.

For anyone who can power up a laptop two basic training pathways are available. Either can take a person from “Look at the Pretty Cats” to “Check out my Daily Sales” coming in.

I will explain these paths below, the choice is always 100% up to you.

WA Training and Tools…

WA Tools:

  1. Site Rubix; is a very large piece of Wealthy Affiliate’s answer to the question “Is Wealthy Affiliate membership worth the price? Search the web, you will be hard-pressed to find managed WordPress hosting for less than the cost of a Premium Plus Membership $99 per month, or even a Premium Membership $49 per month.

    Hosting is the foundation your website runs on, in layman’s terms you cannot build a website without hosting to run it on.
  2. Jaxxy; is a world-grade keyword research tool like no other. The highlight of Jaxxy is the QSR (Quoted Search Results) metric. This is the only tool that tells you exactly how many sites that share your exact keyword in Google’s index.
  3. Alphabet Soup X (Beta); is a keyword tool designed to run the “keyword a, b, c, etc etc” routine. Put in your keyword then click the “Make It Rain” button and receive up to 15 results for each letter of the alphabet.

    Although still in “Beta” at the moment it functions very well. To go along with the tools there are many tutorials within WA. Both class videos and posts provided by members, you may view at your leisure.

WA Training:

Paraphrasing Shakespeare Yet Again;

How May You Train, Let Me Count The Ways.

The two primary training programs are available to every member. These will take you from total newbie to profitability. Most choose the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” but, everyone is free to take both.

Does this mean you guarantee I will be profitable? Oh no; there are too many variables to guarantee anyone’s profitability. It is not only WA, no honest program out there will guarantee you profitability.

If you find one that does, RUN, don’t walk, to the exit as it is 99.99% probable you have found a scammer. The two primary courses of training offered;

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC); this 5-level course. You choose your own niche, not us. This course covers the same training available in 90% plus other training programs.
  2. Affiliate Boot Camp; this 7-level course shares a broad look at the “Make Money Online” niche. Wealthy Affiliate’s own World Class Affiliate Program is the primary subject. At least 75% of members choose a niche and take the OEC training first. But, there are those who struggle at niche selection who choose Affiliate Boot Camp.

Even in this course it is advisable to pick an audience. Like niches in the OEC course it is easier to focus on and market to a defined slice of the population.

The courses above are the “step-by-step” newbie to marketer classes that make up the core of the training. Further down the Training Menu, three more choices are available.

These are “My Training Activity, Training HQ, and Classrooms” in that order.

“My Training Activity” lets you search among any training you have participated in. If you need to find a lesson you have already seen but do not remember the name this is a good place to look.

“Training HQ” is a good place to search for training on any topic, even if you have not seen it before.

Classrooms” further break down training into “rooms” covering specific topics. In which trainees interact with class leaders by asking questions.

Click on the “Classes” menu on the WA home page. Here you will find the most recent, current, and future video training on a huge number of topics.

These videos have two audiences in mind, Premium and Premium Plus members. If you don’t remember your level look at your avatar. If it has a purple gemstone you are a Premium, a Gold Crown is a Premium Plus.

That covers formal training. There are also tens of thousands of member blog posts that cover what I call “micro topics” such as;

How do I change the color of this or the size of that?

Find these using the search box at the top of the WA home page.

Yes, We Support You Every Step Of The Way!

There is no way you can find a place on the WA site where help is not available. This section is going to cover the options to get help on the home page. Also some unique ways to contact site support.

  1. Live Chat; is on the right-hand side of the page and is active 24 hours a day. Jump in there with your question, if no one can answer the question they will tell you the best place to get an answer.
  2. Help (On the Menu); There are always at least a dozen options available when you open this menu.
  3. Search Box; Your answer could be at your fingertips.
  4. Send Your Mentor A PM; your mentor is the person whose blog sent you to WA. You can also open the help menu and the third option under Premium Coaches is your personal mentor.

If you need “Site Support” for your website click on the “Websites” menu item and it is the bottom listing. If on the “Site Manager” look to the far right menu position.

If none of the above work grab two tin cans and a long piece of string…

All Good Things Have A Fair Price.

Almost all new members join at one of the levels compared below;

Besides the above, there is now a “Premium Plus” Membership. This too is open to everyone including new Starter Members.

“Premium Plus” members have access to advanced video training. They also earn higher commission levels in the WA Affiliate program. PM me from inside WA and I will explain.

Premium Plus is new, don’t worry WA made many millionaires before it came along.

And Now, My Final Opinion;

In the interest of total honesty, I want to again point out I am a long-time Premium Plus Member of Wealthy Affiliate. That said; I have tried six other affiliate training programs.

None came close to offering the level of training available within Wealthy Affiliate. Each also falls far short of the total package WA delivers.

This does not mean they were scams.

I researched each before joining them. The training inside all could help the right person succeed.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Rank: 98 out of 100


Come on, it will eat at you for days if you don’t take advantage of the free chance to look around inside for a full week;

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