Hello Everyone,

My name is Bill Gough; I am a resident on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines and the owner and webmaster here at LaptopBucks.com.

My goal is to help total newbies and novices get started online. Believe me if you have what it takes to join the service you have what it takes to be a blogger. Anyone who can sign into a chat room or play an online game can run a blog, you just need to do it, to take action.

It is both simple and tedious to learn “How to Earn Money Online” the real way, not the imaginary GURU way.

Just remember as you read this site there are no shortcuts, secrets nor silver bullets to be disclosed on as none of those things exist. If someone claims they can show you the secret to overnight success if you just give them $1000 of your hard earned cash RUN, don’t walk, to the exit.

These are people whose only method of income is to fleece newcomers but, the truth is their mystery solution is the online equivalent to the wild west’s snake oil salesmen. The old west snake oil felt like it was doing something when drank as prescribed and it was.

It was intoxicating because it was low grade liquor not medicine. The snake oil salesman would get the Town all wound up to buy his potion then as soon as the presentation was over and the buyers were all served he left to rape the next town.

I will never offer anything that costs you money to take full advantage of that does not have a free trial period or a 100% money back guarantee. Most legitimate things on the internet come with both.

The best way to recognize these wannabe GURUs is when they get to the end of their pitch it always includes a few bonuses and they are described as worth at least $1,000 dollars each then the premiere offer is worth $5,000.00+- but, I cannot ask you to pay the total of these in good conscious so I offer them to you for the onetime price of $500.00+-.

Better than 95% of the time a guy selling anything with that type of pitch is pushing worthless garbage. Caveat Emptor!

About Bill Gough the person.

I am a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer who has been living in the Philippines since December 2010. I love this place.

My first time to visit the Philippines was late 1980 on a US Navy ship, we pulled into the Subic Bay Naval Station and tied up on Alava Pier. The skipper allowed us to leave the ship and visit the town of Olongapo City where I reside today.

Over my next 23+ years spent in the Navy I found my way back to Subic Bay several times and enjoyed every visit.

In the summer of 1988 I received orders to the Facility Security Department, Naval Air Station Cubi Point which was also located on Subic Bay. It was during my three year tour here that I met and married my charming wife Rosemary, we were together 31 years.

I lost her to breast cancer after a 14 month battle in June of 2019. The kids and I continue on but, she is missed every minute of every day.

The kids, there are two, a 23 year old daughter who holds a BS in Business Management and a 15 year old son still in high school. I am very thankful for having them to lean on, otherwise I might have slipped into depression.

After the COVID-19 Storm Subsides.

My best attempt to channel Nostradamus says the following;

My personal opinion is this virus is going to be endemic to the world much as the common cold and influenza viruses. The lockdowns and other garbage will eventually be shown to have been at the least useless and at the most highly destructive.

Only the Shadow knows for sure…

Of course world wide at the moment governments have gone mad over the COVID-19 virus, I see this madness coming to close within the next few months. In my opinion there is no way this mess can last through another year.

What to do in the mean time?

All the above means now is a good time to launch your online business, such business can be built around anything you want to build it around. Even Snake Oil, just kidding of course.

It usually takes a minimum of six to eight months to know if your site has a chance to flourish into something that you can lean on or even replace your current primary income. If you are getting free traffic from the search engines by the fourth month it is a very good sign.

A very good way to learn everything in a step by step lead you by the hand method is described on my “Get Started” page, jump over there and read through it now if you have the time or bookmark it an read it later. There is a ton of useful information there.

If you have questions concerning anything at all on this site drop us a line via the “contact page”.

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