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four steps to make money online

Step One: Pick A Niche.

Your “Niche” is the topic you will be blogging about, you want this to be something that excites you! Take your time and get the choice right the first time, take a couple of days if needed but get it right. There is no need to burn midnight oil until you fall asleep on your keyboard.

Trust me, if you choose a Niche solely on its potential for profit you will be setting yourself up for failure. This is not a get rich overnight business; it takes planning, patience and attention to detail to earn the BIG Bucks. Remember, anyone can do this!

How to Pick A Niche.

Step Two: Build A Website.

This step scares you because you believe this is a “techie” thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a “hunt and pick” keyboard operator can do this. Click on the button below and I will reveal everything you need to know.

The difficulty foreseen when approaching this task is fed by doubt that you can ever get to the point of building a “whiz Bang” website. Truth is you don’t have to, many online GURUs have very simple sites. It is the content you post on the site that makes the difference.

How to Build A Website.

Step Three: Attract Visitors.

Steps One and Two, a well trained ape can get through. Starting with step three you will learn a truly valuable skill, search engine marketing (SEM). In order to bring in visitors to your site you must apply the research you conducted in step one to actively marketing to your Niche.

Throughout the life of your website you must continue to conduct research, every individual piece of content must be targeted at a keyword. There is more than one way to do this research using both free and paid for tools. Click the button below and you will receive a detailed intro to both methods.

This Is The Way…

Step Four: Make Money

Having chosen your niche, built your website and loaded it with a solid base of awesome content; its finally time to apply your work towards earning profits. This is not an overnight process however, if you put in as little as an hour each day you can get here within six months.

At this point it is time to begin practicing the fine art of affiliate marketing. Everything you have learned up to this point are the fundamental basics of making money online using the most common method, affiliate marketing. You now have the basic knowledge you need to succeed but, there is more help and support if you have walked the right path, click the button!

Help And Support is Here…

“Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will”

Suzy Kassam

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Make Money From Home

The single advantage to making money from home is you can see results almost immediately. The major disadvantage is you have only so much time each day.

The various ways to make money at home we have to offer are all time tested. Each will make you money if you apply the one you choose and faithfully work through it.

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